Cost Savings

S. No. One Off Initial Costs Conventional Leased Space RPBC
1 Agents/Survey or legal and Recruitment Expense
2 Project management Expenses
3 Portioning ,fit out, Including Carpets
4 Air conditioning and maintenance
5 Furniture and Equipment and Maintenance
6 Telephone equipment and PABX
7 High-speed Internet Access (fiber-optic T-1 line)
8 Loss of time for management
9 Pantry, cafeteria setup cost
10 Setup for Board Rooms, meeting Rooms, Video conferencing Equipment
  Monthly Overhead Costs
1 Rent for Premises
2 All utility bills like water, Light, Air conditioning
3 Front Office, Security & Administration costs
4 Housekeeping Expenses
5 Annual maintenance for all equipment's
6 Provision for Dilapidations
7 Rental for Furniture
8 Building maintenance
9 Parking Expenses
10 Kitchen supplies, Coffee, water
11 On-Site Security

In our Business Lounge, We look to provide the maximum productivity to
our clients and business environment

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